Can I Change Personal Injury Lawyers?

Can I Change Personal Injury Lawyers? Lawyers sitting at a table reading documents.

When you have suffered an injury that was someone else’s fault, it’s easy to feel vulnerable, confused, and overwhelmed, luckily if you work with a good personal injury lawyer they will be there to support you, advise you, and represent your best interests in court. Unfortunately, some people that are victims of personal injury find […]

Do You Have a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Do You Have a Traumatic Brain Injury? Scan of a brain.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a life-changing medical event and condition. The brain is a complicated organ and damaging it can lead to a huge range of changes in behavior, mobility, and more. It’s a leading cause of both death and disability in the United States, with an estimated 1.5 million Americans sustaining […]

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Washington?

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Washington? A motorcycle on the freeway.

Lane splitting, also known as lane filtering, is when a motorcycle travels between lanes of slow or stopped vehicles. Motorcyclists tend to lane split to save time, as they can move faster than the surrounding vehicles, and while it may seem like a convenient way to maneuver in heavy traffic, it can be dangerous and […]

The 6 Differences Between TBI and a Concussion

Differences Between TBI and a Concussion. Lady with a headache.

You might hear both the terms “concussion” and “traumatic brain injury” in relation to head injuries. Both of these things can occur when someone sustains trauma to their head and brain, but what is the difference between TBI and a consussion? Is there a difference? Understanding what they both are and when a concussion is […]

4 Types of spinal injuries you could suffer at the workplace

Types of spinal injuries you could suffer at the workplace. Lady being examined.

Sadly, spinal injuries are common in the workplace, and their impact can be far-reaching and life-changing for those that suffer them. Learn about some of the most common workplace spinal injuries below and how to minimize their risk of occurring. 1. Herniated discs Herniated discs often occur due to repetitive motions or heavy lifting. In […]

What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Laws in Washington State

What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Laws in Washington State. Motorcycle on the road.

There are many things to consider when you own and operate a motorcycle. Not only do you need to be aware of the dangers of riding, but you also need to be familiar with the specific laws and regulations that apply to motorcycle laws in Washington state. In Washington State, there are several laws governing […]

Insurance Coverage Denial: What to Do When Your Insurance Claim is Rejected

Insurance Coverage Denial

When you purchase insurance, you expect that your claim will be accepted in the event of an accident or disaster. However,  sometimes insurance companies deny claims for a variety of reasons. If you experienced insurance coverage denial, it can be a confusing and frustrating experience. You may not know what to do next or where […]

How Long Do Concussions Last?

Worried biker holding his head and sitting on a pavement next to a car and bike crash

It’s no secret that concussions can be incredibly dangerous. They can lead to long-term health problems and even death in some cases. But what a lot of people don’t know is how long concussions actually last. Many people believe that if you suffer a concussion, you’ll be dealing with the aftermath for months or even […]

Can You Sue Your Car Insurance for Bad Faith?

3D illustration of BAD FAITH INSURANCE title on Legal Documents. Legal concept.

Can You Sue Your Car Insurance for Bad Faith? It’s no secret that the relationship between an insurance company and its customers can often be a contentious one. After all, when you’re dealing with something as important as your car – and the potential for costly repairs or even a total loss – it’s natural to […]