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Tennessee Mas Received Millions of Dollars from Cracker Barrell

Marion County, TN (January 12, 2022)- A jury in Tennessee has ordered a man to be paid millions of dollars after he was served a glass of “water,” which ended up being a chemical. 

Immediately he suffered severe physical injury after consuming the drink at Cracker Barrel. It wasn’t water, and he didn’t realize until after he had drunk it down.

It was a cleaning chemical known as Eco-San, which the restaurant used to clean its kitchen.

The original suit asked for $150,000 in damages from Cracker Barrel. The jury ended up awarding Cronnon a total of $3.6 million in non-economical, with $730,000 being economic damages. 

The jury concluded that Cracker Barrel failed “to hire and properly train qualified and competent employees.”


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