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Wells|Trumbull is committed to providing exceptional service. We will go the distance for you because that’s what family does. We don’t just push through the paperwork and cut a deal with the insurance company. The way we handle your case is what differentiates us from the competition. We fight to get every bit of compensation you need for the injury. We want you to know that we would never settle for less when it comes to the justice you deserve.

Don’t let the negligent behavior of others take away your quality of life. The personal injury lawyers of Wells|Trumbull are committed to seeing you get what is rightfully yours, which includes compensation for medical bills and lost wages in addition to pain and suffering.

The sooner we have access to any knowledge related directly to your situation, the better chance there is for winning!


We obtained a verdict for a woman who slipped an fell while she was working at a nursing home. She had low back and hip pain. The insurance company’s biggest offer was $600,000. We ignored their offer and went to trial. A Snohomish County jury awarded our client 3 Million dollars for her injuries.
We obtained a verdict for a women who was rearended while at a stop light. She had neck pain and headaches. The insurance company offered $52,000 and told us in settlement negotiations that we would never get more than $100,000 from a Snohomish County jury. They were very wrong. A jury awarded her 1.8 Million dollars.

A 26-year-old dump truck driver was on the job when an oncoming dump truck lost control and crossed the center line, causing our client to swerve and tip over.  He sustained a permanent injury to his low back and suffered from PTSD symptoms. The insurance company argued our client should have been able to avoid the collision. They used Facebook posts of him surfing and smiling to claim that he was lying about how badly he was hurt.  We showed the jury that the images told a story about a man who was grieving his former life.  The jury awarded over 4.5 million dollars and found that our client had no fault in the collision. 

Our firm has been one of the first to try civil cases over Zoom in Snohomish County.  We tried two cases this spring on behalf of two young women.  Both were injured in car crashes. In both cases the Insurance company lawyers tried to assassinate the character of our clients. It was the usual theme: they are liars! We had faith in our juries and knew they could see through the deception. We told our clients’ story and jury came to their rescue. They saw the whole story and refused to condemn our clients.

Our firm settled a case where two women were injured in a T-bone collision in Skagit County. We went to our client’s home and spent time with their entire extended family to learn about how their injuries have affected their life. This was ammunition that was used in negotiations with the insurance company.

Our client was injured when she struck a tree while on a commercial zip line. We were halfway through the jury trial when we settled for a confidential amount that was acceptable to both parties. 

Our team received a 4.1-million-dollar verdict in King County for a man who was working at a construction site in a trench. The insurance company argued for 3 weeks that it was our client’s fault because he used hand signals to direct the excavator, but the jury refused to ignore the evidence. The insurance company argued that the construction company was a small family-owned business even though they would not be paying the verdict, the insurance company had to pay. 

Our client was a building inspector inspecting a new commercial building in Bellevue when he stepped on a piece of plywood. The board was covering a dangerous hole. The board flipped up and he fell 9 feet. He had multiple injuries including a concussion.

Our client suffered a concussion, also known as a mild traumatic brain injury, when an icicle fell on her head.  We used some of the newest science in brain imaging along with conventional evidence to prove our case and obtain the settlement. 

We obtained a jury verdict in Snohomish county for a woman and her family after she was injured in a crash on I-5. The case was appealed by the insurance company, but they eventually paid almost the entire verdict. We used true stories, like we always do, to explain the loss to the jury. 

We tried a case to a jury in King County for a man injured in a car crash.  The insurance company offered $65,000 to settle and put the man down claiming he only had chiropractic treatment and was injured on the job after the crash. We collected 15x what the insurance company offered. 

Our client slipped and fell on an icy parking lot as she was going to work. She sued her employer. The insurance company made many excuses but, in the end, they agreed to settle.  As always, we learned our client’s story and were prepared to tell the stories to the jury. That made all the difference.