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Our commitment to excellent client service begins with the fundamentals: technical expertise, constant communication with our clients, and an emphasis on finding creative solutions to our clients’ problems.

Our Story & Some Notable Wins

As a young lawyer Ben started practicing personal injury law in 1989. Ben used the law school approach and it didn’t work very well. He saw other lawyers doing the same thing. When they got bad verdicts, they blamed the court and the jury. However, Ben soon realized it was a lack of communication that caused bad results. When he realized this, he turned his office upside down and changed the way he practiced law.

Truth and story are the weapons Ben uses against unfair insurance companies. He believes that everyone learns best through story and people can sense when someone is being untruthful. Ben uses focus groups to help guide his understanding of what the jury wants to know about. He uses the friendships he develops with his clients to convey the emotional injuries that his clients have experienced. Ben and his team do things differently at Wells Trumbull and that is something they are all very proud of.

Ben and his team are always looking to help good people with legitimate injuries and they welcome people to call and see if you would be a good fit with their office.

There were many other successful recoveries during this time as well, please check the testimonials and results sections.

Wells Trumbull

The Washington personal injury attorneys at Wells Trumbull are devoted to the practice of injury law, representing individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others.

Practicing injury law since 1989, Ben has represented countless individuals who have been damaged physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially by the negligence of another person.

Our attorneys are familiar with many different types of physical injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, upper and lower extremity injuries, neurological injuries, orthopedic injuries, internal injuries, as well as psychological injuries and emotional injuries.

Our attorneys are also familiar with injuries that occur due to the negligence of a professional. Professional negligence creates financial loss to the client. If the loss is significant, the professional should be held accountable. Ben is familiar with these types of injuries and has recovered financial losses for people who have been wronged by the negligence of a professional.

Wells Trumbull prides themselves on working hard for their clients, offering aggressive representation with a personable touch. Ben only represents individuals with legitimate injuries. If you’ve been injured due to another’s negligence, Wells Trumbull would like to help you. Contact us today by calling (360)435-1663.

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