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Washington Personal Injury Lawyers
Our commitment to excellent client service begins with the fundamentals: technical expertise, constant communication with our clients, and an emphasis on finding creative solutions to our clients’ problems.

At Wells Trumbull we do things differently. We know that success is based on truth, vulnerability and the ability to tell your story persuasively. We know that good settlements are driven by instilling fear in the insurance company that if they go to trial against our team, they risk a huge verdict that they must pay. Our great results in the courtroom give us negotiating strength in your case and increase the chance we will get a fair settlement.

So how do we get great results? We have to know who you really are and how this injury has affected you personally. We need to understand what your life was like before you were injured. Then we need to understand how your life has been permanently changed. We need to know about all of the work you did to make your life the way it was. Then we can show how all the work was wasted by the carelessness of a stranger. We have to know your personal story. That is where the power lies. That is how we convince a jury or an insurance company to treat you fairly.

We do this by truly getting to know you. We want to come to your home to learn about your family, your hobbies, and what brings you joy. We will talk to your friends, your family, and your co-workers. They can tell powerful stories about how your injuries have changed you. We want to develop a friendship with you so when we go to court you are more than just a client. We care about our clients because caring is contagious, and a jury can feel that we genuinely care. Our lawyers are not like what you see on T.V. Consider calling us and seeing if we are a good fit to represent you in your injury case.

You don’t have to go it alone, get the experienced personal injury attorneys of Wells Trumbull on yourside. For more information on how we can help you or to schedule a free consultation, contact Wells Trumbull online or call (360) 435-1663.

Jury Trial Verdicts

  • $6.5m 2022 in Snohomish County
  • $3m 2022 in Snohomish County
  • $4.5m 2021 in Snohomish County
  • $4.1m 2020 in King County
  • $4.4m 2019 in Snohomish County

All we do is help people with serious permanent injuries.

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What Makes Us Different

Learn About Us
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Over 20 years of experience

Our founder, Attorney Ben Wells, has been practicing law since 1989.

About the firm
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We take a limited number of cases

Our attorneys and staff members are dedicated to representing you to the best of our abilities.

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We treat our clients like they are family

We help good people with legitimate injuries and will keep you informed every step of the way.

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Our Values At
Wells Trumbull


You need a Washington personal injury lawyer that will go all the way to court for you if needed. Your lawyer needs to stand up to powerful, wealthy insurance companies to get back what you have lost. Your lawyer must be a leader to the jury and court. They must be vulnerable and not afraid to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.


You need an injury lawyer in Washington that will be truthful and to the point with you and with the Court. Candor creates respect.


You need a personal injury attorney who is strong but sensitive to what you are going through. You need a lawyer who will come to your home, get to know you and your family, and become your friend. There is no substitute for a compassionate lawyer who cares about their client. It always shows. Compassion is contagious.

Let the lawyers of Wells Trumbull fight for your rights while you focus on recovery. Get to know us with a free, no obligation, case evalutaion.

Our Legal Services

With deep roots in the Seattle metro area, we have a solid understanding of the issues that affect our clients and how to help them get the best possible results. We prepare each case as if it were going to trial to maximize benefits. We’ve found that better prepared case yield better results in both settlement and litigation.

At Wells Trumbull we can help you with personal injury claims such as:

The Wells Trumbull Team

At Wells Trumbull, we courageously stand up for you in court and don’t back down. We know how to navigate the legal system because our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases with a successful outcome that helped people get the money they deserved.

Let us help take care of your injury case so you can focus on getting better!

We know that this is not merely just another legal matter or business transaction – rather; this is about who you are and what matters most in life for you.

Don’t hesitate to fight for the compensation you deserve. Get started today by speaking with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. Call us at 360-435-1663 or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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What our clients say

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Wells Trumbull carried us through one of the most difficult times in our lives after a serious accident.

"They spent countless hours with our family and my medical team to really understand what we were going through and became an extension of our family in the process. Ben and Josh aren't scared to hold the insurance companies accountable by presenting the truth. By the end when they presented our case the jury fully understood what our family had gone through and the verdict proved that. I wake up every day in pain but I have been able to modify my life to still have some enjoyment thanks to the outcome. If you are having to deal with an accident and the insurance companies you definitely need Wells Trumbull on your side to hold them accountable for their antics."

S.B | google review

They will go above, and beyond for their clients.

"Highly recommend Wells/Trumbull law group! They will go above, and beyond for their clients. Great people, with a true drive to support you in your time of need. Local, Reliable, and Fair."

A.B. | google review

I am so very grateful for Ben; he is my hero.

"I will always admire him for his courage, outstanding achievements and his noble qualities. He truly is amazing...brilliant, charming, amiable, and astute. He is a people's person with a beautiful heart. He is an angel; a light that we were given to guide us in the dark times of our lives. I will forever be indebted to Ben and his magnificent team. To say thank you is such an understatement. It falls so short of how I actually feel."

A.W. | google review

He will not back down and will leave no stone unturned.

"Ben did an excellent job in handling my case. If there’s one thing you want in an attorney, it’s experience, and Ben has it. He will not back down and will leave no stone unturned as he optimizes your rightful compensation."

A.E. | google review

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At Wells Trumbull, we courageously stand up for you in court and don’t back down. We know how to navigate the legal system because our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases with a successful outcome that helped people get the money they deserved.

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