$7M awarded to woman injured in Amtrak derailment

Dupont, WA (November 24, 2021)- After an Amtrak derailment in DuPont four years ago, Kylie Steele, a survivor of the crash, was awarded millions from a federal jury.

It was supposed to be a celebration, and instead, the festivities turned into a tragedy. The train derailed over I-5, killing three and injuring 60. It all started when the train accelerated to nearly 80 miles per hour while making that curve, rather than slowing down like it should have to safely make such a sharp turn.

Kylie says that she suffers from a traumatic brain injury, which continues to have a significant effect on her daily life.

Kylie said, “I’m just a sliver of that person today. It’s made a dramatic impact on my life. My battery life has diminished, so it’s difficult for me to engage in any activity, especially social activities with friends or out and about just being in the world. I require a lot of accommodations because of light and sound sensitivity.”

Kylie was a college student who ran marathons and was an avid hiker; she couldn’t do any of those activities anymore after the accident.

For her traumatic brain injury, a federal jury just awarded her nearly $7 million.

Source: KOMO 

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