Cyclist Seriously Injured In School Bus Accident

North Bend, WA (October 26, 2021) – A cyclist has sustained life-threatening injuries following a collision involving a school bus near North Bend, Eastside Fire & Rescue officials said.

He was later hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center after being transported by EFR and Bellevue medics.

The accident occurred in the 39000 block of Southeast North Bend Way.

It was unclear what caused the crash as at press time.

Common causes of school bus collisions include speeding, distractions, fatigue, defective vehicle, aggressive driving, intoxication, poor road conditions, and violation of hours of service regulations.

School bus accidents can result in bumps, bruises, whiplash, chronic pain, broken bones, fractures, and paralysis. They can also cause severe or lifelong head, back, and neck injuries. Extreme cases result in fatalities.

Standard safety precautions against school bus accidents include refraining from distracted driving and always maintaining a safe distance from school buses when walking, driving, or cycling.

Source: Q13


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