Difference between Truck Accidents and Car Accidents

Car accidents are different from truck accidents on various levels. The impacts and manner of truck accidents and car accidents are different. The challenges associated with truck accidents are enormous and often fatal. It is not just about the vehicles’ sizes; other factors make truck accidents different from car accidents.

Trucks use our roads regularly, loaded with tons of cargo, and anything can happen at any time. Accidents involving trucks often result in severe injuries, and in that case, you need a severe injury attorney from Wells Trumbull. A severe injury attorney will be better positioned to understand how to handle the litigation, know the particular notice requirements needed, and the best tactics to win the case.

Now, let us look at some differences between truck accidents and car accidents.

Four differences between truck accidents and car accidents:

  • The magnitude of the accident. The sheer size of trucks means that accidents involving trucks have more severe damages and personal injury. Unlike cars that can weigh about 3,0000 pounds, trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and so can cause more havoc on the other vehicle involved in the accident and the victims of the accident. It is easier for truck accidents to result in wrongful deaths than car accidents and thus lawsuits.
  • In trucking accidents, establishing liability can be complex. There could be multiple defendants like the driver, truck companies, and sometimes even manufacturers and repair facilities. And, of course, each party with its own insurance company and lawyers. This is not the case with car accidents where liabilities can be easily determined. It is also difficult to determine the economic and non-economic damages and the right punitive damages for the culprits. 
  • Car accident attorneys collect the relevant evidence such as police reports, video footage of the accident, etcetera, after the accident. However, with truck accidents, driver evidence, vehicle and cargo evidence are all required. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require that these pieces of evidence be preserved soon after the accident. Therefore, it is pertinent to employ the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible to avoid losing the gathered evidence.
  • Truck accident cases need highly skilled personal injury attorneys like Wells Trumbull because of the complex nature of the accidents, its litigation process, and the level of capability required to handle the case successfully. You need a personal injury lawyer who understands the causes of the accident and its effect on the case. They should be competent in an investigation as well as negotiations.

Contact our personal injury attorneys today to help you handle your truck accident litigation skillfully. Wells Trumbull has all it takes – expertise, manpower, and the right attitude to tackle the big truck companies.