Tesla Software Recall May Head Off Fight With US Regulators

Detroit, MI (November 2, 2021) – Tesla has issued a recall that will automatically send a software update to fix the safety problem in the electric vehicles, sending a message to U.S. safety regulators that its engineers have solved the issue.

The recall covers almost 12,000 Teslas that have auto-braking software. The recalls are occurring because of a glitch in the self-driving software that comes specifically with this option.

Tesla has announced a recall of its Model S, X, 3, and Y . Tesla says a software update sent on October 23 introduced the glitch.

The company’s paperwork states that the problems with automatic emergency braking increase the risk of other vehicles hitting Teslas from behind.

The move appears to suggest that Tesla will be issuing recalls when it pushes out software updates to fix safety issues.

This may set a precedent for other carmakers who may now realize the necessity of issuing recalls in these types of cases too.

Source: KOMO 4

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