Wells Trumbull Case Recognized As One Of The Top 50 Verdicts In The Nation

Wells Trumbull, a nationally-recognized personal injury law firm, was named to the list of Top 50 Verdicts in the United States in 2020 by Top Verdict, for Walter v. Spee West Construction Co., that was centered around a work accident caused by negligence at the workplace.

Mr. Walter was working in a trench to replace a sewer pipe and directing the excavator with hand signals. The excavator operator stopped looking at Mr. Walter’s hand signals, continued to operate the excavator, and crushed Mr. Walter’s legs with the excavator bucket. He was rushed immediately to the hospital; the immense pain caused blur vision and difficulty breathing.  

Mr. Walter’s mother testified that the doctor told her he was lucky because most accidents of this type require amputation or result in death. Before the crushing, Mr. Walter loved to go snowboarding and actively played with his son.

Mr. Walter has worked hard with his doctor’s recommendations. Through surgery, rehabilitation and personal strength, he has regained use of his legs but still has ongoing knee pain. Because of his injuries, he became incapable of living the life he had before the incident.

“An injury that lasts a lifetime is no small thing, and it is hard to understand all the ramifications, we will protect you from those who are right now waiting to take advantage of you” (Wells Trumbull)

Led by Ben Wells and Josh Trumbull, a $4.5 million verdict was obtained for Mr. Walter.

Every year, Top Verdict recognizes the accomplishments of attorneys across the United States. Unlike other publications that base their annual list of accomplishments on public opinion, Top Verdict only bases its findings on factual achievements. Only a small percentage of law firms make the list of Top Verdict annually.  

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SOURCE Ben Wells & Josh Trumbull of Well|Trumbull