Wells Trumbull Wins $4.5 Million Jury Verdict for Injured Man and his Family

Seattle, WA – Wells Trumbull is pleased to announce it has won a $4.5 million jury verdict for an injured man and his wife.

Wells Trumbull is a personal injury law firm located in The greater Seattle, Washington area.  Founded by Ben Wells and Josh Trumbull, the firm is committed to providing exceptional legal services designed to help clients in receiving the financial compensation they deserve.  The team at Wells Trumbull takes a hands-on approach to every case, always putting clients at the forefront. 

In the firm’s most recent news, Wells Trumbull tried a case to a jury stemming from a collision between two dump trucks.  In the case, an empty dump truck lost control, crossed the center line, and T-boned another dump truck which was full of dirt.  As a result of the collision, the dump truck with dirt rolled over onto its side, leaving the male driver with extensive injuries.

After hearing the case, the jury determined that the injured man should be compensated $4.5 million for pain and suffering, including a lumbar facet injury and PTSD.  Treatment included conservative care, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and a rehabilitation doctor.  Two radio frequency ablations were performed with only temporary relief.

At the trial, Wells Trumbull argued that this was a permanent injury to the 26-year-old young man and to his wife who has been forced to deal with her husband’s physical and emotional troubles.  The defendant argued that the plaintiff would be receiving PRP treatments that would likely diminish his symptoms.  They also argued that his symptoms were minimal and that the plaintiff did not try hard enough to resume his lifestyle.

Additionally, the defendant argued that the plaintiff was contributory negligent and could have avoided the crash.  At this point, the plaintiff offered a video proof and testimony of an eyewitness to dispel the defendant’s arguments.

During the trial, the plaintiff called a rehabilitation doctor who testified about the permanent nature of the man’s injury and the inevitability of posttraumatic arthritis. The plaintiff also called a retired neurosurgeon who testified about PTSD and the facet injury.  Plaintiff also called a speech therapist testify about his memory and word selection problems.

“At Wells Trumbull all we do is help people with severe injuries,” says the firm.  “We are glad we won the case for this young man and his wife.”

The case number for this trial is 20-2-02783-31.

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Wells Trumbull is a personal injury law firm in Seattle that boasts a proven approach to obtain great jury verdicts and settlements.  The firm was founded by Ben Wells and Josh Trumbull, both renowned and respected attorneys in their field.  Wells Trumbull offers free case evaluations to support anyone who needs legal assistance in a personal injury case.

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