Where Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

If we are going to answer the question of where most motorcycle accidents happen there are several factors we need to consider. The first is the locations across the USA that tend to have the largest number of motorcycle accidents. Once we have established this we will then examine the types of locations where motorcycle accidents happen most frequently, including rural versus urban areas, interstate vs non-interstate areas, and intersection vs non-intersection sites.


The top ten states in order of which the highest frequency of motorcycle accidents occur are:

State Motorcycle Fatalities in 2020 % Change in Fatalities from 2019 Deaths per 10k Motorcycles
Florida 600 1% 10
Texas 483 16% 12
Georgia 192 13% 9
North Carolina 192 -9% 8
Tennessee 151 -3% 9
South Carolina 137 -11% 9
Missouri 123 0% 9
Arkansas 80 21% 11
Louisiana 78 -10% 9
Mississippi 62 55% 12

Experts theorize that these states have a higher incidence of motorcycle accidents because they also experience longer seasons of sunny and dry weather. Longer summer seasons mean more time for motorcyclists to be out on the road, hence the greater number of accidents. Indeed, statistics also show that in these states there are fewer motorcycle accidents during the winter season, which suggests that weather has a large part to play in these statistics.


An intersection is a type of junction where two or more roads meet. You may think that with traffic going a minimum of two different directions intersections are prime locations for motorcycle accidents. However, NHTSA statistics show that this is not the case.

Indeed, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) states that 35% of motorcycle accidents, that’s less than half happen at intersections. Theories as to why this may include the fact that because intersections combine traffic, they require motorcycle riders to slow down. This lower speed may help to minimize accidents in such locations.

In contrast, longer stretches of road that do not contain intersections tend to mean motorcyclists can reach much higher speeds, for a much more prolonged period. This translates to more accidents in areas without intersections.


Interstates are freeways that run through more than one state. They tend to have a higher speed limit than non-interstate roads and are designed to get those traveling across the state or commuting to work to their destination as fast as possible.

These long fast roads of the interstate, busy with other traffic seem at first glance to be the perfect conditions for an increased incidence of motorcycle accidents. However, the NHTSA’s data suggests otherwise with a massive 91% of all fatal motorcycle accidents occurring on non-interstate roads.

The reason why so many motorcycle crashes occur on non-interstate roads may include the fact that a large proportion of motorcyclists ride for pleasure, and not because they are commuting to a particular destination. This means they are much more likely to take the more scenic and winding non-interstate roads, which increases both the numbers of riders and accidents in such locations.


Lastly, the NHTSA statistics show that motorcycle accidents are more prevalent in urban rather than rural areas. 

Again there are a variety of factors that may contribute to this including the fact that there tends to be much more traffic in urban areas, compared to rural ones. Additionally, there also tends to be more additional road users such as those on cycles and walking in urban, built-up areas, which can be responsible for motorcyclists having to swerve or break quickly if they are in their path.

The incidence of emergency vehicles like police cars, ambulances, and fire engines, as well as poorer road conditions in urban areas, may also lead to increased accidents as well.


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