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The best way to get a free consultation for your appeal is by contacting Wells|Trumbull. They have the experience and knowledge necessary in order to help you.



Wells/Trumbull has successfully created new law in our state in a number of different areas.  

We are available to do appellate work on behalf of those who have been injured or victimized by big corporations, insurance companies, and other powerful interests. We are available to associate or consult on appeals.  



Williams v. Life Style Lift

We appealed after the trial court dismissed plaintiff’s consumer protection claim against a plastic surgery clinic. The Court of Appeals held that doctors are subject to the Consumer Protection Act and reversed the trial court. Our client was awarded $ 297,000 in fees and costs. 


We are a highly experienced in handling appeals. Josh Trumbull has done approximately 15 appeals. Because we get large verdicts we frequently face appeals initiated by insurance companies.  At any given time we typically have an appeal in the works.  If you  are an attorney whose client is faced with an appeal consider calling us.  We can represent your client on appeal or provide consulting services. 

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